Worst Week Ever



As I sit here typing this, I’m just trying to remain upright. See, I just got back from a MASSIVE lunch with Vince and our buddy Juggalo Bob, courtesy Grill ‘Em All’s currently in-progress NYC “Victory Lap” celebrating their recent win on The Great Food Truck Race. And we definitely way over-ordered: four burgers and three orders of fries for just the three of us. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had, but now I need to crawl into bed and weep for a little while. But the Grill ‘Em All victory lap continues tonight and throughout the weekend, and if you’re in the area and you don’t take advantage, you’re a fool. Get details on all their upcoming events here, and then read Vince’s interview with Grill ‘Em All’s Ryan Harkins here.

So, before I collapse and/or poop all over the floor, here’s what else we did this week:

Okay, time for the poopin’! See ya Monday.


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