Do you ever think about how much you might misunderstand about some of the music you listen to? Specifically in the lyric department. Like, once you realize what a band is all about, it completely changes your perception of them? What if you stumbled upon some information revealing that AC/DC’s drink/fight/fuck lyrics were actually just metaphors for some deep theological debate?

I wouldn’t normally use this blog to throw out some unsolicited information on my band, but I feel like by not correcting some things I’ve seen, we’d be misrepresenting ourselves. I’ve read a couple reviews that are basically praising Intronaut for being total stoners, and applauding the title of our new record, Valley of Smoke, as some kind of monument for stoners everywhere. It’s true that some of us smoke pot, but I’d just like to set everyone straight and let you know that the title has absolutely nothing to do with weed or smoking anything at all.

Each song on the record is about some obscure fact (and some not-so-obscure facts) or historic event that took place in Los Angeles, the city where we’re all from. “Valley Of Smoke” is the English translation of what the original Chumash tribe of Native Americans called the area when they settled here, hundreds of years ago. L.A. is basically a series of low basins surrounded by mountains which trap in air pollution, and that’s why we’re famous for smoggy-ass air. Even hundreds of years ago, the Chumash people noticed this happening with the smoke from their campfires, and thought it was significant enough to name the region after that.

We’ve gone ahead and explained the lyrics to each song on our own blog, so go check it out if you’re curious. And feel free to keep bringing us weed at our shows!


PS. Gorguts’ Obscura rules.

Intronaut’s incredible new album Valley of Smoke is out now; listen to the whole thing here. Catch them on tour with Helmet.

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