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I am a huge Pantera fan — in fact, they are probably my favorite metal band of all time. Ever since I saw them in back in 1991 or so (with Prong and Trouble, what a fucking show), they’ve been at the top of the heap when it comes to the NEW GENERATION OF POWER GROOVE. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who was heavily influenced by Pantera, as evidenced by this other band from New Orleans, called Exhorder, who totally ripped off Pantera’s style. I don’t remember them being popular back then, but I downloaded one of their albums off of Napster the other day and gave it a shot. But even though they aren’t very original, they’re pretty sweet and if you wish there were some new Pantera songs maybe getting some of the old Exhorder albums will be almost as good?? Especially if you like Cowboys From Hell, the album that Exhorder ripped off the most.

I don’t know what the singer for Exhorder’s name is, but he obviously wanted to be Phillipe Anselmo so bad it hurts, I wonder if he even went so far as to start his own shitty black metal band??

“The Law” has perhaps the most over-the-top example of the early 90s, solid state, ultra-compressed scooped guitar sound popularized by Dimebag #ampeg #vh-140c

Do you hate midrange as much as Exhorder did?? Will the guys in Exhorder ever come clean and admit that everything they did was a transparent attempt at sounding like PANTERA? Should Hell Yeah do some Exhorder covers for a joke?? Will the undercut ever make a comeback?

-Sergeant D.

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