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ratt 2010Looks like the only Ratturday that’s gonna be celebrated any time soon is in my own living room; a monkey from the Axl Annex arrived at the Vince Division of the MS Mansion early this morning ooo-ooo-ing like a crazed chimpanzee, then proceeded to my computer and pointed my browser to Metal Sludge, where I read this:

A recent rumor has popped up about Robbie Crane no longer being in the band. We reached out to Robbie and asked point blank. His reply is below.

“As far as I’m concerned there is no Ratt to be “fired” from as Ratt is on an indefinite hiatus as we’ve finished the Infestation tour in Japan last week… Warren has dates with his and Dee Schnider’s Christmas band, Stephen has 4 to 6 months of solo dates, Carlos is working with Rudy and Vinny on an awesome new project and I’m touring with Lynch Mob over the next couple of months… Thanks for the concern…

Sludge out with your cock out! Robbie”

Of course this really isn’t surprising at all given the band’s turbulent history and this interview Carlos Ramirez did for us back in June in which the drummer went from talking about his book to revealing that there were once again loads of interpersonal problems between band members. According to The Sludge there was also an incident involving a hired drum tech on the band’s Japanese tour in which violence may or may not have occurred.

Oh well, this little reunion was fun while it lasted! We ended up with Infestation, a killer album that will most certainly be on my year-end list [and Anso DF’s if knows what’s right for him] and we got a legit club headline tour instead of the lame-o fairs/festivals and dive bars the Pearcy-less version had been playing for years. And as we all know in this day an age “indefinite hiatus” means Ratt will eventually go round and round once again.


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