Necessary Roughness




Refs were fucking up this week, people. I know it’s part of the game, but wow! Some teams owe their wins to hard work and practice and some owe them to the zebra men looking the other way. One of these games was the Dolphins-Steelers match. Miami’s D was crushing against the Steelers who pulled out a victory by one point. I’m sure Pittsburgh is happy to have that mattress shaped man back at QB. One team that didn’t need the refs’ help was the Oakland Raiders. Zoinks. As I was watching the games shown on the east coast, the score ticker would pop up and every time it came to the Raiders game I couldn’t believe the absolute slaying that was going on. Kerry King would be proud.

With Brady pulling out a win against his home state (that tough Chargers D) and McNabb winning against his home team (the Bears), I got to thinking: We all root for people “representing” our area that are from somewhere else. What if every state had just one team -sorry Texas, New York and California -and it was made up of locals. Of course we’d lose almost all the kickers in the NFL but then fans would really feel that their players would represent them. The name on the back of your jersey would be that of someone you actually knew. I’m amazed, flattered and thankful when someone is wearing a Red Chord shirt, but I know that if they hung out with us for even five minutes they would probably remove it. We are very annoying. There is so much team pride involved with a sport that involves players leaving their team mid-season for a bigger paycheck. Not in my league. What the hell, ladies are welcome as well. With this rule in place I’m sure half our linebackers here in Massachusetts would come from Northampton. Little local humor, sorry rest of the country. The season opener every year would be Hawaii vs. Alaska. How awesome is that!

SNF was pretty rocking and Favre was making another epic comeback run in the fourth when suddenly he remembered the three interceptions he threw earlier in the game and then lost. Is he done yet?

So, I’m announcing a contest that MetalSucks doesn’t even know about. It’s called “Greg’s Bye Week Contest.” You see, I’m real lazy so I’ve convinced myself that I too deserve a week off. I’m not sure which week but send in a reason why you should take this blog over for one session to theredchord AT hotmail DOT com and it’s yours. If you win you can talk about any stupid kinda football related thing you want. Also, we’re hitting the road with the Acacia Strain, Terror, and Gaza at the end of the week so come out and hang.

P.S. You’ll get ’em next time, Buffalo.


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