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2010 has been a weird year for metal; there’ve been a ton of really good releases but so far none that are like OMG WOW THIS RULEZ! [except for Ratt’s phenomenal comeback Infestation, of course]. Finnish epic metallers Kiuas released Lustdriven back in March and at the time I was all up on its nuts, but I haven’t really listened to it since… I guess that means ultimately it’s another of those “really good but not great” releases. I’m re-listening to it now for the first time in months, and I do stick with my original assertion that this album is really fucking good.

I bring this up now because loyal reader Ross King has alerted us to the fact that Kiuas lead singer Ilja Jalkanen has left the band.

According to the band’s official statement regarding Jalkanen’s departure he wasn’t an integral part of the songwriting process so the band’s music shouldn’t be affected that much, but still, I viewed his voice as an important part of their sound. Whatevs… I’m sure the new dude will be fine.

Here’s Jalkanen’s final performance with the band, last night in Camden, U.K. Incidentally some other dude jumps up on stage and gives his best shot at a passage in Finnish; maybe the band should consider hiring this dude as Jalkanen’s replacement?


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