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Am I the only one who sees the complete absurdity in the whole “on hiatus” thing bands do these days? In 2010 no band stays broken up… every band gets back together, at least to tour if not also to release new music, because they need to do so to make a living. But it seems like every time a band announces they’re taking a break / “on hiatus” the media freaks out; will they ever be back, or is this the end??? Of course they’ll be back, nincompoop!

I call Metal Insider’s Bram Teitelman a nincompoop only in jest, of course, because I know the guy’s a legit Ratt fan; dude once told me his first concert was Ratt with special guest openers Bon Jovi, some new young band at the time. That’s real deal! Metal Insider is reporting that Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy is the latest band member to confirm there won’t be any more Ratt shows or new music in the near future after bassist Robbie Crane said the same this past Monday. In an interview with Philadelphia’s WYSP:

I’ll be taking care of some solo stuff until Ratt takes care of its business, and then we’ll probably or hopefully start working on another record. We’ll go on hiatus for a while, and everybody will do their own thing, and then we’ll take it from there.

In other words, they’re taking a break for now but will be back for more when the time is right to come out of the cellar and go round and round again. As Teitelman points out, Pearcy has his solo band as well as Battering Ramm, which he doesn’t even sing on: “It’s way heavy, I’m playing guitar, I’m not singing,” he said of the latter. Meanwhile, bassist Robbie Crane is playing with The Lynch Mob, Bobby Blotzer is promoting his book, Warren DiMartini is apparently playing in Dee Snider’s Christmas band, and Carlos Cavazo is doing another side project. Once the collective coffers of money they made from this most recent album touring cycle run dry, they’ll surely be back.

I’m sad I won’t get another chance to see Ratt play on the Infestation touring cycle, ’cause I love those songs like crazy, but it was fun while it was lasted.


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