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  • Axl Rosenberg

I’ve accused All That Remains’ Phil Labonte of being autotune-dependent many times in the past, and I know it pisses off a lot of ATR fans. Here’s a good comment from a reader calling himself “matttao,” left after the most recent time I said that Mr. Labonte is actually not a very good singer:

This is auto tuned because that is the industry standard. These are not difficult notes. I have no doubt this dude can hit these notes in the studio… To say that Phil Labonte can’t hit these basic notes here is just slanderous and stupid. This is easy shit, folks.

matttao is right. That WAS slanderous of me, to accuse Phil of not being able to sing the parts without the aid of a computer. I realize the error of my ways now that I’ve seen All That Remains’ recent performance of their latest single, “Hold On,” on Fuse:

See! It’s note-perfect!


And in case you still don’t believe me, compare and the contrast the above performance with the one on the actual record:


Thanks: Pete Arado

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