...And F*ck You Too



Man oh man, do I feel bad for the poor Roadrunner employee who was in charge of making this video interview with Tommy Lee. Forget inarticulate; this guy can’t even speak English. Take, for example, his answer to the question “How important are visual arts to you?”

“Um… God, they’re so important. They’re like… a car with gasoline. And I can be like… it’s like the other part of music that I think brings it all together. Like when you’re making videos for songs, it’s, it’s like a necessity. And it helps somebody who maybe doesn’t have a vision, or can’t hear what the song is maybe about. Kind of take ’em down what you think it is.”

“Kind of take ’em down what you think it is?” “KIND OF TAKE ‘EM DOWN WHAT YOU THINK IT IS?!?!” That fucking doesn’t mean anything!!! Why is Tommy Lee talking like an Injun Chief?!?

Once you’ve recovered from your aneurysm, you can watch the rest of the interview below. It includes a part where Tommy tells aspiring artists not to think too much, which is a skill that I’m sure comes very easily to him.


[via SMN]

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