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helloween - 7 sinnersI’m boycotting Halloween this year. I’m just over it. All the effort that goes into planning out your costume, procuring it and dressing up… and worst of all the constant TALK with EVERYONE about “what are you wearing?” and “what are you doing this year?” It’s like the obligatory weather-related elevator conversation… cringe-inducing. So over it.

But I’m most certainly not boycotting German power metallers Helloween, who have posted their brand new album 7 Sinners in its entirety on MySpace just in time for today’s festivities. We all know how I feel about bands that sing about METAL and this album’s got a song called “Are You Metal?” so it’s an automatic win in my book. Raise your fist in the air this Halloween with some tasty new Helloween as you go out dressed up as Snooki / The Situation or whatever the hot costume is this year.


Thanks: Captain Wookie

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