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Ulcerate are another one of those bands that we haven’t given enough attention to in the past but who certainly, absolutely, positively crush faces. Their music is heavy in all the right ways and it’s mercifully free of cliche. These guys are definitely deserving of more than the one previous post we’ve devoted to them on MetalSucks, but there’s only so much time in the day and sometimes we just get sidetracked talking about what stupid thing Dave Mustaine said this time or which under-appreciated Slayer album is the best. Sorry, folks!

In case it wasn’t clear from the above, I do happen to think Ulcerate are great from what I’ve heard (which admittedly isn’t a whole lot) so from now on I’m gonna try harder to give this band the attention they deserve. Looks like I’ll have a reason to do so in the near future; readers Chris Vigilante and Suraj Patra tipped us off to a new Ulcerate song that hit the Webernets after the MS Mansion gates had already shuttered Friday evening, and presumably said new song doesn’t exist in a vacuum meaning there’s a new album on the way. A little good old fashioned research tells me that Willowtip will indeed release The Destroyers of All on January 25th, 2011, so there’s already reason to be excited for 2011. New Ulcerate!

Stream the new track “Dead Oceans” above or on their MySpace page and tell us if you agree with Chris, Suraj and me about the face-crushing qualities of Ulcerate. Also, the album art (top of their MySpace) is quite interesting; dying dolphins or something? Fucking brutal.


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