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I could eat a peach for hours.

Let’s see what Georgia has to offer us, courtesy Matt Cooper. I chose Matt’s e-mail ’cause he says that “Georgia has a lot of scenecore/deathcore right now, not too many actual good bands anymore,” which leads me to believe that none of the following bands will make me wanna stab myself in the ear with a needle.  Also, he only included three bands in his e-mail, so even if they do suck, at least my death will quick and relatively painless. But we’ve had obviously had some pretty good luck with bands from Georgia before (see: Mastodon, Daath, From Exile, and depending on whether or not you appreciate pop metal, Sevendust).

Aight, let’s get this do this thang.


Well, I like the band’s name a whole lot. And I hit “play” and… yes, yes, YES! Wow. This band does not suck at all. In fact, they rule. It starts out sounding kinda Behemoth-esque, but then it gets all druggy and proggy… and then there’s another song that’s basically awesome neo-grind… and when they do tech-death, they do it in totally the right way… Where the fucking fuck has this band been hiding? (Oh yeah. In Georgia.) This shit kills. Mr. Cooper says that they have a new album called The Great Unimaginer, but I’m not seeing it on their webstore or iTunes. I’m kinda hafta try and track down a copy.


Really, really nutty schizo-grind. There’s a lot of bands doing this kind of thing right now, and definitely some doing it better, but some sections are killer, and none of it is bad. Either Matt Cooper has way better taste than most of you, or Georgia really is some kind of breeding ground for excellence. I don’t like this as much as This Hideous Strength, but I definitely don’t have anything mean to say about it, either.


Apparently this band used to be called “Kretos”… I’m guessing they changed it so as to avoid any confusion from God of War fans. I don’t have anything to say about this band that I didn’t just say about An Isle Ate Her, though.

In conclusion, make sure you check out This Hideous Strength… I think those dudes are really onto something.


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