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Does Tommy Lee WANT me to hate him? When rumors of a Motley Crue/Poison tour in 2011 started to circulate earlier this week, I got all excited, both for the shows themselves, and for the rampant idiocy that would no doubt accompany those shows. Alas, Long Dong Tommy took to Twitter late Monday afternoon to put an end to my fantasies of Aqua Net and unprotected sex with strangers:

So that stinks. Although part of me is hoping Tommy’s just denying it ’cause Bret Michaels jumped the gun and announced the tour too early; don’t forget that a few years ago everyone in Camp Crue was denying the band was about to reunite for a giant tour, and then they reunited for a giant tour. So maybe we’ll get a “Look What the Girls, Girls, Girls Dragged In” trek anyway.

(Also, did Tommy really need to “yell” at a fan who was obviously excited by the prospect of the tour? How about some netiquette, duder?)

On a semi-related note, I’d never looked at Lee’s Twitter account prior to this, and now that I have, I feel like I’ve been missing out. I mean, just look at this gem, for example:

Yeah! Fuck Mondays, dude!  Never mind that Tommy’s been a rock star for thirty fuckin’ years and days of the week probably have very little bearing on his work schedule, “work” in this instance being defined as making music and doing pretty much whatever the fuck he wants. Tommy Lee is a man of the people! Now someone get him two Puerto Rican girls and a midget to fuck.


[via Metal Underground]

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