As if the news that Decibel are kicking off their new flexi disc series with some previously-unreleased music from Brutal Truth wasn’t enough, The Deciblog has now debuted the legendary grindsters’ new video, “Semi-Automatic Carnation,” too. Stop hogging all the Brutal Truth, Decidudes! There’s enough to go around!

Actually, I guess there isn’t. Even though the running time of the track on the album is 2:55, the running time of the video is only 2:05. Only a grind band would look at a three-minute track and go, “Yeah, that song is too long, let’s cut a third of it out for the video.” The only explanation I can come up is that since “Semi-Automatic Carnation” isn’t really a song so much it’s an interlude (making it kind of a bizarre choice for video treatment in the first place), maybe BT just didn’t think anyone would wanna watch this for additional fifty seconds?

“Semi-Automatic Carnation” come off of Brutal’s Truth’s latest, Evolution Through Revolution, which is out now on Relapse.


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