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METAL INJECTION GETS THE 411 ON THE NEW DARKEST HOUR ALBUMThe cover art for the new Darkest Hour album?

On Saturday night we went to see Darkest Hour on their MetalSucks-sponsored fifteenth anniversary Legacy Tour along with Veil of Maya, Periphery, and Revocation. We had an AWESOME time, and you should definitely hit one of these shows up if you can (get dates here). Darkest Hour are playing material spanning their entire discography, including some pretty rare shit they haven’t done live in a long, long time. Vince and I both have this thing where we won’t listen to a band we’re going to see for weeks beforehand, because the delayed gratification makes the experience of seeing them that much more killer; but I know we’ve both been cranking Darkest Hour in our respective corners of the MetalSucks Mansion pretty much non-stop ever since.

And soon we’ll have another offering from the band to rock out to — they’ll be releasing a new album (their debut for E1) early next year. The Metal Injection dudes interviewed DH guitarist/MetalSucks columnist Mike Schleibaum  and drummer Ryan Parrish before the show, and got all kinds of exclusive skinny on the new record, including the album’s title and release date, plus the duo’s thoughts on working with producer (and Soilwork guitarist) Peter Wichers. Check the interview out here.

And if you’re itching for even more Darkest Hour info, check out Vince’s interview with Schleibaum about switching to E1 from Victory here.


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