Necessary Roughness



Bam! Home from tour and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to shower, shit, and sleep in my own place. Oh, the little things we take for granted everyday.

So, with all division leaders being tied for first or only one game ahead, it’s still anybody’s game. P. Manning is kicking himself after literally throwing away Sunday’s game to N.E. The Colts remain tied in the win-loss categories in the AFC South. And speaking of games that should’ve been won, the Texans had the Jets on the ropes but were overcome in the fourth. It seems the Jets like to make their fans hold their breath these last couple of games.

We had two shut outs this week. Chicago squished the fish in a 16-0 win, and Tampa Bay dominated the 49ers with their 21-0 win. Two of the three Cali teams went home with a loss this week. The loss may bench San Fran QB Troy Smith during next week’s game. Tonight the Chargers face Denver to see if they can keep the entire state of California from being shamed. Another team from the west were stuck facing the well-rested Saints. The Seahawks lost to Brees and the boys but still remain atop the NFC West.

Back to Cali and, more specifically, the Raiders. Even though they lost to Pittsburgh, we got to see a bit of real football action, as well as real football acting. After a TD completion “The Berger” got very excited and decided to tell Raiders DL Richard Seymour just how excited he was. Seymour wasn’t as excited about the news, so he socked Roethlisberger in the face, dropping the 6’5”, 241 lb. QB to the ground. It was reported as an “open hand punch” by many. Dude got slapped. A grown man getting slapped and falling to the ground should win an Oscar for his performance.

Here’s the deal: I love when this stuff happens. These are Neanderthals, not role models. These are criminals in uniforms who get injured for our amusement. Is every pro athlete a crook? No. But we never hear about what good these guys do unless it’s something as extreme as Ron Artest auctioning his championship ring to raise money for mental health charities. Makes sense — that guy is crazy!

Anyway, go Raiders. Let’s see some more violence on that field! As for Buffalo, with their two wins in a row, next week aim for Roethlisberger’s ear holes!


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