In October, after I asserted that Motorhead should not have re-recored “Ace of Spades” for a beer commercial, a friend and I had a rousing philosophical debate about the contents of that very post. I said that Lemmy is a wealthy man, and didn’t need the extra money from doing the ad; my friend asked if I’d seen Lemmy, the new documentary about the legendary front man. I hadn’t (and still haven’t), and I told him so, to which he replied, “Dude, he drinks and snorts all his money away! Wait ’til you see his apartment!!!”

Now Rolling Stone has unveiled the very clip where we do get see the Chateau Kilmister, and, uh, my friend wasn’t dicking around. I gotta say, I really appreciate Lemmy keepin’ it humble and not getting all Lars Ulrich on us, but maybe he can use some of that brew money to get a storage space? I think cramming thirty-five years of Motorhead memorabilia into such a small space is, uh, ill-advised. (Rob at Metal Injection worries that Lemmy may be a hoarder.) I’m not exactly the tidiest person myself so I sympathize, but… ah, fuck it, it’s not like I have any gold records to hang on my wall.

If you live in a large metropolitan area, you should be able to see Lemmy during its limited U.S. theatrical engagement in January. If not, don’t bum too hard, ’cause it comes out on DVD on February 15.


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