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Stephen BrodskyAs excited as I inevitably get every time a headline involving any member of Cave In rolls through my RSS reader, if I’m being honest I haven’t been able to get that into any of the many non-Cave In projects released by members of Cave In. Everyone seems to love Doomriders, and I certainly like ’em just fine… but the truth is they seem to fall just a little short of what they could and should be in theory. Ditto for Zozobra, who are probably my favorite associated non-Cave In band.

This holds especially true for all of Stephen Brodsky’s many side projects, bands and solo releases. Just can’t feel ’em. I’d all but stopped paying attention until a headline on Heavy Blog is Heavy about new Stephen Brodsky solo material caught my eye, and I let curiosity get the best of me. And you know what? I’m glad I did, because this is pretty solid stuff (posted after the jump, natch).

Brodksy’s released two new tracks called “Muddy Jar” and “Your Sweet Love,” both of which can be listened to in the video below. It’s acoustic and mellow keyboardy, but the guitar chords and patterns strike me as very Cave In-y. Not that all I look for in a Cave In side project is references to that band; these tunes are good in their own right. I like “Muddy Jar” more than I like “Your Sweet Love;” it reminds me of something that might’ve appeared on Tides of Tomorrow.

I can’t find any information about any upcoming release on which these tracks will be included, but Brodsky’s a pretty prolific dude and I’m sure there will be something soon enough.


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