Okay so I think Fall Out Boy is pretty lame, but Every Time I Die is anything but, and this is for a very good cause, so I think we should all just make like the Germans and the British at Christmas in 1914 and play nice for the sake of making the world a better place.

Last year Every Time I Die guitarist Jordan Buckley did an original pen and ink drawing (above) that was used to create the 20′ x 20′ backdrop for Fall Out Boy’s summer tour; now Buckley is auctioning off the orignal illustration and donating 100% of the proceeds to Toys for Tots, a terrific charity that, in case the name doesn’t make it clear, collects new toys and then donates said toys as Christmas gifts for needy kids. To make it even more special, the drawing is framed and autographed by Mr. Fall Out Boy himself, Pete Wentz — and if the winner would like, it can be signed by the rest of the band as well.

So like I said, this is for a great cause, and even if, like me, you’re not a Fall Out Boy fan, well, it’s an awesome drawing and it doesn’t even say “Fall Out Boy” on it! You can just ignore Wentz’s signature and appreciate it as a piece of art. The important thing is that you’ll be giving money to a great charity.

You can get more details and bid on the drawing here. If you can’t afford the price of the art (which is understandably hefty), you can learn more about Toys for Tots and other ways you can donate/help here. And if all you really want is to see more awesome art by Jordan Buckley, you can do that here.


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