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  • Axl Rosenberg


Kudos are in order for our friends at Decibel — they’ve been named one of The Twenty Best Magazines of 2010 by Paste Magazine. Yep, apparently there’s a magazine that ranks the quality of other magazines. What a world.

ANYWAY, Decibel actually came in twentieth, which still puts them ahead of every other metal magazine in the world — although Paste describes them as covering “heavy rock ‘n’ roll,” I guess so as not to scare away the norms who read Paste and might potentially check out Decibel. Which is silly, ’cause it’s not like they wouldn’t figure out that “heavy rock n’ roll” is just a euphemism for “heavy metal” within ten seconds of picking up an issue od Decibel, but whatever.

I’m not familiar with all of the magazines ranked ahead of Decibel — I’m sad to say I’ve never read an issue of Texas Monthly, for example — but of the ones I am familiar with, some of them are actually quite good (The New Yorker, Wired), and some of them, uh, not so much (New York, which is just a tabloid for Upper East Side rich people who don’t like to admit that they read tabloids.). But the Decidudes definitely deserve all the recognition they can get. I look forward to them now being purchased by a giant multinational publishing conglomerate who will promise not to change anything, and then promptly stick Hinder on the cover.

So if you’re still not getting what is now not only the best metal magazine out there, but one of the twenty best magazine OF ALL SPACE AND TIME IN THE CHARTED GALAXY IN 2010, now would be a good time to get off your ass and order a subscription. And if you use the code “garden&gunpwns” at checkout, you will get a -20% discount!


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