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I’m back from my holiday trip to smokey Amsterdam and gay Paris and Axl has dug himself out from the heaps of snow to befall the Mansion and the entire Northeastern U.S. while I was away (suckerz!). While we were taking a break and contemplating our Best of 2010 year-end lists, Sergeant D submitted a bunch of drafts sure to get your blood pumpin’, we received 250+ press releases about new metal in the coming year (fuckin A, people, take a rest!) and we brainstormed new ways to get you to accuse us of knowing nothing about metal… yup, 2011 is gonna be a good year.

Except for this bit of news: Rose Funoral are recording a new album in January. We’d thought these Uno-hating deathcore wankers had kicked the bucket but it turns out that announcement was the result of a MySpace page hack, possibly by a fellow Uno-lover. This is most unfortunate for our ears but likely quite good for you, as we’re now guaranteed of at least one more band to make fun of in 2011. Hooray for bad music!

In the meantime, enjoy this 2011-appropriate Spinal Tap clip posted on Metal Injection. Are Rose Funoral the Spinal Tap of deathcore??

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