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NYC Sucks Volume 1

Vince and I are in the process of putting the finishing touches on NYC Sucks, the two-volume, ABSOLUTELY FUCKING FREE comp we announced last month. Listening to the 27 tracks which are on the comp as we write the liner notes reminded me — as if I really needed reminding — how many incredible metal bands are currently a part of the New York scene, and how fortunate we are to live here. We’re SO STOKED to get to share these bands with you guys, I can’t even tell you. I wish we were putting this thing out today.

In case you didn’t read our initial announcement/smoked too much pot and forgot about it, here’s the rundown again: like I said, NYC Sucks will be split into two volumes, with the first one coming out on January 18 (which is less than two weeks away!), and the second coming out February 22nd.

NYC’s metal scene is literally exploding at the seams. There are so many great local bands playing shows on a regular basis that on any given night you’ve got to make some pretty hard choices about where to get your headbang on. We try and highlight some of our favorite local bands on MetalSucks from time to time, but frankly it’s just not possible to keep up; seemingly every month there’s another fantastic band that’s as good or better than any number of “signed” acts from around the U.S. or the world, only they’re not that well-known outside of our city’s borders. We’ve included a few smaller signed bands that we feel are an integral part of the scene, but for the most part all the acts on these compilations are not signed. Both compilations will be available for download right here on MetalSucks, will contain high-quality 320kbps MP3s, and will include a PDF of digital liner notes with information about all the bands. And because the whole point of this thing is to spread the word of all the great bands we have around here, both volumes will be available completely for FREE. Send ’em to your friends, put them up on torrent sites, submit them to .rar Mediafire blogs… just spread the friggin’ music by any means necessary.

After the jump, get the full list of bands that will be appearing on each volume, plus the cover for Volume 2. The covers were designed by the very talented Jesse Zuretti.

Volume 1: (Jan 18)
1. East of the Wall
2. Made out of Babies
3. Tiger Flowers
4. Black Anvil
5. Naam
6. Batillus
7. Meek is Murder
8. The Binary Code
9. Castevet
10. Hung
11. Wizardry
12. Pyrrhon
13. Mutant Supremacy
14. Incendiary

Volume 2: (Feb 22)
1. Wetnurse
2. Tombs
3. Moth Eater
4. Hull
5. The Austerity Program
6. Defeatist
7. Goes Cube
8. Krallice
9. Empyreon
10. Abacinate
12. Atakke
13. The Ghost in Black and White

NYC Sucks Volume 2


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