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Crud Wizard - Master of Puppets

The Crud Wizard has quickly become of my favorite blogs to read, not just because it’s fun to read a 9 year-old’s opinions of metal but also because of the candor, simplicity and purity with which it’s done. Sure, the kid is the son of Agalloch / Ludicra drummer Aesop Dekker, but Dekker assured the MS readership in a comment here that The Crud Wizard’s (his mommy and daddy call him Ezra) musical interests and blog posts about them are entirely his own. And having followed the blog for several months now, I totally believe it.

So let’s see what Crud Wizard has to say about Metallica’s Master of Puppets:

This is no album for wimps. This is a great album. My favorite part of this is the lyrics ” the weak are ripped and torn away…” That’s awesome. What makes it awesome is how James Hetfield sings it. It is also about batteries. Interesting… The subject of drug corruption runs deep in ” Master of Puppets.” It is an interesting topic as well as batteries.

Amen. Crud Wizard also gets deep with an H.P. Lovecraft reference and ponders whether Metallica are or are not death metal. Sheesh… when I was 9 I doubt I even knew what death metal was, and I definitely didn’t know who H.P. Lovecraft was. Read the full post here.


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