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Once again the MetalSucks readership has proven that it knows what’s up with another great band recommendation. The latest reader-suggested band to impress the hell outta me is Italy’s Amia Venera Landscape. Since the two MS readers that suggested this band did such a fine job describing their sound (and I’m feeling lazy at the moment), I’m gonna let them try and sell you on this band just like they sold me. First, reader Filip Johannesson:

I suppose you at Metalsucks all approve of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cult of Luna and The Ocean? Well, how about a mixture of those three?

I can definitely get behind that description, but I’d also add At the Drive-In to the list of audible influences. Says reader Arthur Feltrin from Brazil:

They don’t do anything revolutionary, but combine the epicness of neurosis + botch guitar work + gay posthardcore melodic vocals + angry pissed vocals (that remind me of Caleb from Cave in) + loooooooong songs (like any ‘post-metal’ band) and such.”

I’d say that’s pretty right-on too. Interested? Check the above video for “Nichòlas” then head over to Amia Venera Landscape MySpace page for a few more tracks.


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