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Moonsorrow are one of the very few folk/pagan/whatever bands on the planet worth caring about, in no small part because they “prefer their folk metal to be serious,” as astutely noted by GroverXIII at The Number of The Blog. So how is it possible that Moonsorrow have a new album coming out — next month, no less — and no one is talking about it???

Oh, that’s right, it’s because record labels are still retarded and don’t grasp the concept that this new “Internet” thing is accessible by the entire world. As such, Moonsorrow have the following release schedule for their new album Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa, which will come out on pieces of plastic no one cares about on the following dates:

February 21 – U.K.
February 23 – Finland
February 25 – Germany, Switzerland, Austria
February 28 – Rest of Europe

No U.S. date means no U.S. label (yet) means no publicist being paid to assault our inboxes with press releases. But that matters not, for we use the Internet, and we Americans can still get excited about new Moonsorrow despite our lack of ability to go to a store and buy a coaster an overpriced shiny piece of plastic with printed paper that we’ll only ever look at once. And you can bet we’ll be downloading this baby the minute it comes out (via legal means, of course, although Spinefarm should note that by not “releasing” the record in the U.S. around the same time they’re leaving a fat stack of cash on the table to illegal downloads).

Enjoy the epic 16-minute new track “Huuto” from YouTube, re-posted above. Remember, people; in 2010 there’s no way to instantly send music from Finland to anywhere else in the world. The Internet does not exist. Territorial release dates are totally relevant.

The new album Something in Finnish I Can’t Pronounce is available for pre-order here if any of you folks are so inclined to pay a ridiculous amount of money to ship a piece of plastic.


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