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When I describe Def Leppard’s “Excitable” as a deodorant jingle with a great bridge or, say, compare an entire city to the dark lord’s soiled undergarments, it’s in good humor and with humane understanding. Hey, no offense! We all have flaws. I understand this; most people on the internet understand this. Others induge themselves in some unearned personal offense and send out a lot of negative energy in response to such colorful but justified appraisals. Don’t get mad, people.

Okay I confess. I only wrote all that cuz I’m trying to properly relax you for some more gratuitous Chicago bashing, so let’s just get to it! Check out American Heritage frontman Adam Norden detailing the inspiration for their forthcoming album, Sedentary:

The idea is from the concept of a sedentary society, meaning one that is no longer nomadic. I was thinking of what changed at that point in human development.

The album sounds arty and cool, right? Oh, but hang on, this band is from Chicago, a city fortified by an inpenetrable wall of clever irony! Stand by for wacky song titles!

01. Sickening Rebellion
02. City Of God
03. Chaotic Obliteration
04. Kiddie Pool Of Baby Blood
05. Fetal Attraction
06. Tomb Cruise
07. Vessels/Vassals
08. Slave By Force
09. Morbid Angle
10. Abduction Cruiser

Wait what? It’s an exploration of contemporary society via songs titled “Tomb Cruise” and “Morbid Angle”? Sheesh. “What Would David Hasselhoff Do?” Are you serious? If these cats had written Moby Dick, it would’ve been called “A Whale of A Good Time.” Am I right? Right? Anybody? Okay, cheers, I’ll just let myself out.


American Heritage’s Sedentary features Bill Kelliher of Mastodon and comes out March 1 on Translation Loss. Pre-order here.

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