NERGAL IS OUT OF THE HOSPITALNergal sends a message to cancer. Photo by Jeremy Saffer.

And finally, some good news to end the day: Nergal has apparently completed his treatment for lukemia and is out of the hospital and staying with his folks. Yes, Nergal is staying with his parents while he recovers. I love that there are assholes all over Poland who want this dude burned at the stake, but his mom and dad are still proud of him. Awesome.

ANYWAY, according to Metal Injection, “due to the cold weather and his weak immune system after the transplant, he has to stay in and cannot even see his girlfriend, for fear of infection.” Which is rough now, especially because I’m sure that Nergal is anxious to get back to this, but it will surely soon pass. And then Behemoth can make their triumphant return!

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