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I guess this guy Nardwuar is old news to Canadians, but I’d somehow never been privy to his shenanigans until reader Jason Bang sent us a bunch of his work a few weeks back.

And boy am I sorry, because I’d been missing out; this guy is like the OG troller, before trolling was trolling, before Sergeant D was Sergeant D, and loooooong before Ziltoid decided to make a Devin Townsend character his handle and infuriate the MS masses with his fuzzy purple hair. Pure genius. Watch as he toys with Slipknot’s Clown — who, to his credit, hangs in for most of the interviews — and frustrates #3 into leaving the set:

Brilliant. Higgins, one of the chief MS Mansion Monkeys, is jumping up and down right now and going “Oooooo. ooo. Ahhhh!” which is monkey-speak for “There’s an open position at the Vancouver Bureau of MetalSucks International if this Nardwuar guy is looking for a job.” So, uh, Nardwuar, waddayasay?

After the jump, watch Nardwuar troll Dani from Cradle of Filth, then watch him troll Steel Panther while Steel Panther troll him right back:


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