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We’ve gotten quite a few emails about a newish band called The Famine over the past couple of weeks. I ignored the first couple of emails because I saw the words “Solid State” and “Records” in close proximity to the band’s name, so it took an unprompted but impassioned plea from Josh Childers of The Showdown — one of the only other Solid State bands that doesn’t blow donkey balls — to get me to give a serious listen. Here’s what he sent me:

Yo… legit… right? Underoath / August Burns Red / Gwen Stacy / normal Solid State fare this is not. No bullshit, no breakdowns, no -core suffix; just pure death metal. The Famine might not be shattering any molds, but what they do they do quite well; these guys could hang with Dying Fetus any day. I’m not sure whether The Famine’s lyrical content is Christian, but I honestly don’t care; good music is good music, and I never listen to metal lyrics anyway.

The Architects of Guilt, The Famine’s sophomore Solid State release, will hit stores on February 15th; pre-order it here.

One more tune to stream after the jump:


Thanks: TinyTim

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