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  • Axl Rosenberg

Speak of the devil! All Shall Perish were just announced as one of the acts on this year’s Mayhem Fest earlier today, and now they’ve posted the below video, which shows guitarist Ben Orum doing some pre-pro work in the studio. And while the track that plays in said video is unfinished (there’s no bass or vocals), it still gives you a pretty good sense of how at least one of the new ASP songs might sound.

Here’s what Orum told us about the new album when we interviewed him back in August:

“I think we’ve all come to an agreement that we want to have it more in the vein of The Price of Existence – but an updated version of it. With [then-guitarist] Chris Storey in the band, we went into this oddball shred direction that not all of us were really into. We loved the songs, don’t get me wrong, but we’d like to take it back to a heavier place.”

The tune in this video actually sounds to me like it’s a pretty fair compromise of Existence (which is a record I fucking love) and the band’s follow-up, Awaken the Dreamers (which I also really, really like, albeit not as much), but a) that’s not a bad thing and b) obviously, I’ll have to reserve final judgment for hearing the actual album.

In the meantime, check this shit out and see what you think…


[via The PRP]

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