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Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All

Another good release day for metal! This week sees the release of the latest from DM titans Ulcerate, as well as the debut solo album debut from the already-legendary Bruce Lamont. Our previews of those releases and others coming out this week after the jump.

Bruce Lamont – Feral Songs for the Epic Decline (At A Loss)

Yakuza’s vocalist/saxophonist Bruce Lamont delivers his first solo album. Lamont has worked with Sigh, Brutal Truth, and Minsk before, in addition to a ton of other side projects.

Defiled – In Crisis (Season of Mist)

Defiled are a death metal band from Japan. The band has been around since 1994, although this is only their fourth album. The last record, Divination, was released eights years ago.

Mother of Mercy – IV: Symptoms of Existence (Bridge Nine)

Pennsylvania hardcore band Mother of Mercy are currently on the road with the legendary Sick Of It All in support of their newest record, IV: Symptoms of Existence. Mother of Mercy formed in 2007 and features former members of hardcore band Let Down.

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy – Návaz (Season of Mist)

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy is a folk metal band that comes from the Czech Republic. The band has been around for fifteen years now, and this will be their fifth album.

Ulcerate – The Destroyers of All (Willowtip)

Ulcerate’s new record is their first since 2009’s Everything is Fire. The album will be released by Willowtip Records, an indie label from Pennsylvania. MetalSucks also hosted the entire album for streaming, although it’s no longer up. For lack of a better phrase, I’ll repeat what Axl said: “This record impales aardvark babies.”

Until Your Heart Stops – Errors (Crusher Destroyer)

With a name like that, I assumed this band would be awful. Rest assured, they’re not. This album is the first release from Until Your Heart Stops, a punk rock band from Oakland, CA. The band plays a polished style of progressive hardcore.

Volture – Shocking Its Prey (Heavy Artillery)

Featuring Ryan Waste (from Municipal Waste) on bass guitar, Volture is a band created by Ryan to pay tribute to the classic NWOBHM style. This debut EP is the first release from the band.

VYGR – Hypersleep (Creator Destructor)

First off, the band’s name is pronounced “Voyager.” This was the former spelling of the band’s name until late November of last year. Hypersleep is the band’s first album, and it was produced by Zeuss, whose production resume includes records by Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain and more.


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