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The first time anyone ever used the term “re-thrash” on MetalSucks was in an article I wrote on July 2nd, 2008. I’m not claiming to have invented the term, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t. But the funny thing about that article is that it’s about Exmortus, a band who, by today’s much more developed definition of “re-thrash” would actually transcend that pejorative term. Exmortus are one of the young crop of thrash bands that actually infuse their obvious thrash influences with a healthy heaping of something of their own to create metal that’s actually unique.

I know I’m always talking about Revocation as the golden example of a band with thrash roots that’s taken things to a whole new level, but there ya have it… Revocation are just so fucking phenomenal at it. Exmortus are cut from the same cloth: death metal-infused thrash with enough technicality to impress but never overwhelm. Look no further than the two new demos they’ve posted on their label’s page; they’re thrashy, deathy, subtly technical and catchy as all hell. Expect finished versions of these songs to appear on Exmortus’ sophomore release Beyond the Fall of Time, out later this year via Heavy Artillery Records.


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