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WHAT’S YOUR TAKE ON CASTEVET(ES)?A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing local turks Castevet at perfectly scuzzy diy venue The Acheron in sunny Bushwick, USA, and they did not disappoint.

Fierce, unique, angular, thunderous…..much like my ex-wife, the band tore me a new one and left me wanting much, much more.

Thankfully I have the opportunity for further gluttonous punishment, since Castevet is back at the same venue TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT with Xaddax, Defeatist, and Beantown bruisers Phantom Glue — as far as I know Vince will be joining me in my region of Brooktown for a debaucherous night of fury, frenzy, and homemade fires (pre-game at my place?)…….rumor has it the Tin Man AND the Scarecrow will be at this one too, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a ridiculous time.  Lock up your daughters’ daughters!!

Visit Castevet on EveryoneButYourSpace

Purchase (not illegally download) their debut album Mounds of Ash


Castevet are on Volume 1 of our digital compilation NYC Sucks. Download it for free here!

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