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70,000 tons of metal

For all the friendly ribbing we gave the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, seems like it was actually quite the event that was boat loads (!) of fun. Get those pre-conceived images of sweaty, fat, balding 45+ year-old metalheads out of your mind… because the actual scene was a whole lot younger, cooler, and, uh, basically normal (by metal standards, anyway).

Metal Injection just posted 500 photos from the cruise, conveniently sorted by band performances, including shots of Testament, Amon Amarth, Iced Earth, Finntroll, Marduk, Sanctuary, Fear Factory, Nevermore, Arsis, Voivod and more. There are also some choice pics of the boat’s temporary metalhead residents, and, of course, a few of Rob, Frank and Noa raging it up.

Expect Metal Injection videos to surface shortly… but in the meantime, enjoy this clip of Testament’s Alex Skolnick, Exodus’ Tom Hunting, and Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany doing a karaoke version of The Eagles’ “Lying Eyes” onboard the ship.


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