idle hands

Gary Suarez isn’t the only MS staffer allowed to hastily swap cables between two iPods while New York City’s metal elite get their post-work-week happy hour drink on; this Friday (tomorrow!), February 4th, DJ Vince Neilstein will be clicking the ones and twos at Idle Hands Bar from 7 to 10pm.

Idle Hands boasts the slogan “Bourbon. Beer. Rock.” which should be enough to sell you on the bar’s general awesomeness; where else in Manhattan can you sip a fine glass of Jefferson Reserve whilst jamming to the grooves of Meshuggah? Nowhere; nowhere at all, I tell you. You also never know who’s gonna show up at Idle Hands; just in the last week alone I’ve seen members of Charred Walls of the Damned, Coheed & Cambria and God Forbid palling around, and it’s become a go-to after-show hang for touring metal bands playing NYC.

So join me during happy hour tomorrow, from 7-10pm, as I provide you with the opportunity to do just that. There will be some happy hour specials TBA, but those usually end at 8 so get there early.

Idle Hands is at 25 Avenue B (between 2nd and 3rd streets), located downstairs through a separate entrance under the very fratty Billy Hurricane’s.


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