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You ought to remember thrashy black metallers Hemoptysis, but MetalSucks readers have the memory retention skills of a goldfish so I’ll remind you. They were finalists in the Jay Randall “No Label Needed” Contest we participated in last year and were endorsed by our own Nocturno Cultowitz. They made a killer video shortly thereafter that even resident MS Mansion film snob Axl Rosenberg endorsed (so you know it’s gotta be sweet). And just this past December they released two ripping new songs from their forthcoming 2011 release Misanthropic Slaughter.

Ringing any bells? Yes? No? Regardless, we’re giving you another chance to either revel once again in their awesomeness or finally get hip to it; is hosting an exclusive stream of the new song “M.O.D.” (“Merchants of Death”) from the aforementioned new album, which will finally come out on March 8th and is now available for pre-order with other assorted extras.

Like the rest of their material, the new song sounds a lot like Skeletonwitch… which is just fine with us. Of course, if they were straight Skeletonwitch ripper-offers you wouldn’t find us heaping so much praise upon them; their thrashy black metal (or blackened thrash metal) certainly owes a lot to our favorite Ohioans but has its own unique sense of melody to it, including a dose of ’80s-style shred. Check it out at the link above, and give a listen to two other songs from Misanthropic Slaughter at the band’s MySpace page.


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