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Sevendust - Lajon Witherspoon

MS photographic queenpin Jacqueline Cheng was on-hand to shoot Sevendust at their January 21st performance in NYC, alongside Suck and Suckturbed on this year’s Music As A Weapon Tour. That she was happy to oblige our request to shoot Sevendust is proof that we found the right girl to shoot photos for MS; that she said “my soul died” while watching Suck and Suckturbed is even further proof. Her photos are up to the high standards we’ve come to expect from her and include some truly excellent shots like the one above of frontman Lajon Witherspoon giving it his all.

If you’re wondering who that weird long-haired blond man in some of these shots is, that’s fill-in guitarist B.C. Kochmit (Dark New Day, Switched and new #hardrock band Eye Empire [also feat. Corey Lowery]) who took the place of Clint Lowery while Clint went home to witness the birth of his first child. Congrats, Clint!

Pics after the jump.

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