Dana Carvey hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and a good portion of the show was a nostalgia-fest devoted to reminding us that once upon a time, the dude was a big star. Luckily, the sketch devoted to the return of the most metal public access show in Aurora, IL, went first, so it had the benefit of seeming charming. And it was actually pretty funny, so it had the benefit of not being everything else on SNL.

And then they had to go and ruin it with a million references to characters Carvey used to play, and multiple Linkin Park performances. Did you know that all these years later that band still hasn’t gotten any better? And no longer play rock music? And now the rapper sings, the singer raps, everyone lip synchs to the perfectly harmonized backing vocals, and the guitar player plays everything but guitar? Kind of amazing.

ANYWAY, here’s that Wayne’s World sketch. This is the first time a Def Leppard shirt has been worn on national television during the 21st century, and it may be the last.


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