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EMMURE HAS A NU VIDEO [via Limp Bizkit]


EMMURE HAS A NU VIDEO [via Limp Bizkit]

My friend Martin, who is mostly into goregrind (he’s a big fan of Cemetery Rapist), slam metal and shitty southern rap, always says EMMURE is this generation’s Limp Bizkit. Until now, I kind of wrote him off as an out-of-touch hipster who didn’t know what he was talking about, but I am starting to think he is right after leading independent music retailer VICTORY RECORDS debuted the album’s debut music video today.


  • Chubby guys with scruffy facial hair in ‘urban-inspired’ outerwear (complete with fur lining)
  • Seven-string guitars / Bizkit-like “bounce riffs”
  • Enough baseball hats to sink a battleship– mirin that Drop Dead hat, Frankie, you’re looking scene as fuq, enjoy that jailbait scene poon
  • Skronky little guitar noises that fill in for DJ Lethal
  • Crowd of mosher bros in shirts by Madball, Wu-Tang and other “authentic” tough guy bands

Compare to “Nookie”– basically the same song/video, aside from the hilariously high-wasted jeans on the sluts who are following Fred Durst around

Don’t think I’m hating, because I’m not at all — I love Limp Bizkit! It’s definitely safe to say I’m into skinny jeans/mosh4christ/flatironed-hair metalcore more than the average MetalSucks reader, but I miss the good old days of the late 90s when Kid Rock, POD, and Crazy Town ruled the charts; when men were men, and you didn’t have to apologize for being an alcoholic misogynist in a North Face jacket.

Bro fist to my boys in Emmure for bringing that shit back, and double bro fist to Tony Victory for bankrolling it!!

-Sergeant D

Sergeant D is an unapologetic alcoholic misogynist every day at Stuff You Will Hate.

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