Well, we haven’t done one of these in awhile. Let’s see if any of this shit isn’t shit.

First up is Rotten Sound’s video for “Hollow,” which had its premiere on The Deciblog. Now THIS is a great fucking video. Not only is the song br00tal, but the clip is just… well, I don’t give anything away because I was kinda blindsided by it myself, and I’d like to duplicate that experience for you. So just watch it.

Next up we have Sixx A.M.’s new video, “Lies of the Beautiful People.” The video is nothing special, but the song is actually pretty catchy — it’s amazing that Nikki Sixx can still write decent pop metal for his solo/side-project, but can’t seem to come up with jack squat for Motley Crue. Maybe it’s having James Michael and Dj Ashba (yep, Ashba now works for Sixx and Axl Rose — dude must know how to give a great wristie) as writing partners that makes all the difference? That seems like a stretch, but who knows. In any case, the only real problem I have with Sixx A.M. is that they take themselves way too seriously. But maybe that’s a good thing, ’cause every time the Crue tries to have “fun” these days, we end up with crap like “Saints of Los Angeles.”

Next up is Deadlock’s “Virus Jones,” which debuted on Metal Injection. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a band look quite so bored and dispassionate in their own video before. It’s like if any one of them stopped looking down at his instrument and actually jumped around, he might forget how to play the song. Which is weird, because it’s fairly generic Swedecore — I mean, if you fuck up, just start playing any random At the Gates or vintage In Flames riff, and you’ll probably fit right in. I’ve heard way worse, though.

Next is “Dominator” from Oz, an old Finnish band I’ve never actually heard of, probably because I was satisfied listening to Judas Priest as a youngster. There’s nothing remarkable about this video, but I’m posting it anyway out of appreciation for the ongoing exploitation of beautiful women for the purpose of selling records.

Finally, we have “Cosmonaut of Three,” from Orchid, which reader Hetal Bhatt asked me to check out. Thing is, I am so not into this kind of retro doom. I’m also as sober as as the dudes from Minor Threat right now, but I can imagine this being a fun video to watch when you’re high.


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