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Saw this unsettling bit of news towards the end of the day yesterday via Metal Underground: Nevermore bassist Jim Sheppard underwent brain surgery yesterday to remove a benign brain tumor. Jim’s ongoing struggle with Crohn’s disease is fairly well-documented, but this is the first we’ve heard of a brain tumor. Just two weeks ago he was aboard the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise rocking the bass for Sanctuary (but not Nevermore, interestingly), not something you’d expect someone who knows they have a serious medical issue to do; seems like the kind of thing that was recently discovered and action needed to be taken immediately.

We wish Jim the speediest of recoveries. For those wondering, “benign” tumors are generally considered ones that aren’t cancerous — so that’s good news for Jim — although the word “benign” is somewhat misleading because even non-cancerous tumors can compress brain tissue and other structures inside the skull, causing all sorts of problems. Those interested can read more about benign brain tumors here.

As for the future of Jim with regards to Nevermore, we aren’t certain. Jim was aboard the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise playing bass for Sanctuary [photos, as above], but he did not play bass with Nevermore. Metal Injection’s picture set of Nevermore on the cruise shows a woman on bass; I can’t find her name anywhere, but I’m told she was quite good and was possibly a member of Warrel’s solo band. We’ll report more on that as we find out… but for now what matters most is Jim’s health. Get well, dude.


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