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  • Axl Rosenberg

JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDED: MOTORHEAD SKISSo, uh, Noisecreep tells us that a company called Head USA is now making Motorhead-themed skis. Because when I think “beautiful snowy resort getaway,” I think “dude with a giant mole on his face,” y’know?

In all seriousness: the last time I accused Motorhead of cashing in, I took a lot of shit for it (even though Lemmy basically admitted that my assertion was correct), and I don’t dare enrage you readers that way again. And, besides, now that I’ve seen the dude’s apartment in the documentary Lemmy: 49% Motherfuckker, 51% Giant-Ass Mole, I’m aware that the guy has not exactly, uh, invested his money wisely over the years, and legitimately needs the cash that comes from an endeavor such as this. I mean, Nazi memorabilia doesn’t just pay for it self, y’know!

ANYWAY, if you really want everyone on the slopes to know just how uncool you really are, you can get info on how to purchase these bad boys here. And don’t forget that we’re giving away a copy of the aforementioned Lemmy documentary as part of this week’s “Completely Unreadable Band Logo” contest.


Additional reporting by Sergeant D.

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