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scar symmetry - the unseen empire

Earlier this week we noted that a favorite band of ours had let the news of a new album fly completely under the radar. That band, Anaal Nathrakh, went and released a new song just two days later. Can lightning strike twice? Hey, Scar Symmetry, how ’bout it?

In case you haven’t gathered, Scar “Death Jovi” Symmetry appear to have a new album on the way, although MetalSucks has not heard an official peep from the band or from their label, Nuclear Blast, despite the fact the the supposed release date of April 15th is less than two months away. Can I get a “what the fuck?” in the house?

MS reader Scott Rubes stumbled upon a pre-order page for the new album on Nuclear Blast’s webstore, which makes us pretty damn sure that the album, called The Unseen Empire, is coming out on said date. Posts on Hails and Horns, Metal Storm and SS’s Wikipedia page all seem to corroborate that the album is in fact coming out. Either Nuclear Blast seriously dropped the ball here, or this is yet another example of metal record labels being completely fucktarded by insisting it’s still 2001 and staggering international release dates…. in which case Nuclear Blast is also seriously dropping the ball by leaving fat stacks of U.S. Dollars on the table. I guess Nuclear Blast really wants us to illegally download this thing when it isn’t available via official means in the U.S. but it is available everywhere else, also known as this new-fangled thing called “The Internet.” Of course, NB could start the U.S. press machine rolling tomorrow and I will happily eat my words.

But hey, on the bright side… new Scar Symmetry! Are these cats prolific, or what? They pretty much release a new album every 1.5 years like clockwork. While the loss of vocalist Christian Alvestam was certainly felt on 2009’s Dark Matter Dimensions, that album was still pretty good and I’m always interested in what this band is doing. Scar Symmetry is all Jonas Kjellgren anyway, and the dude’s a melodeath riff, melody and songwriting machine.

So… April 15th. New Scar Symmetry. Sweet.


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