What the...??



If I ever saw Grim Kim wearing a tank top that reads “I FUCK FOR SATAN,” I’d probably think it was hilarious. But, then, Grim Kim isn’t seventeen years old.

Seriously, I wonder what it’s like to be Taylor Momsen’s parents, and know that you inarguably did a terrible job raising your child, and that now the best case scenario is that she dies of an overdose by the age of twenty? At least if she’d become a stripper or gone into porn or something she probably would have adopted a stage name and you could deny that you are one of the worst parents ever. But no, Taylor Momsen is all over the mainstream media, alerting everyone to the fact that her folks loved money more than her at every turn.

You can see more pictures (but why would you want to?) at Dlisted, who have used the brilliant headline “And Satan Just Became Celibate.” Thanks to The Deciblog for bringing this to our attention.


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