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READERS’ CHOICE: THE BANDS SUGGESTED BY “RON DEUCE” EDITIONIt turns out that some of our readers have pretty good taste. Ssome of them even have VARIED taste, which is always a shocker; more often than not we get emails full of tech-death bands, or full of black metal bands, or whathaveyou. But not Ron Deuce. Dude is right on, and like us, his taste within metal are pretty all over the place but they’re consistently good. Let’s take a look at his picks: Yog, Severed Savior, Loom and Celestine.

Axl may be the MS Mansion’s resident grind expert, but that doesn’t mean ol’ Uncle Vince can’t get down with the noisiest of metal sub-genres from time to time. Yog strike me as pretty damn good; I might even be able to listen to a full album of this. Their music has purpose and direction, it’s varied, and it’s tight. Check out “Love Process Failure:”

Severed Savior play brutal technical death metal, but not the new-fangled variety that kids these days are cranking out. Fast and heavy, Severed Savior have lots of awesome guitar and drum lines and kinda remind of Origin:

Ron Deuce says Loom remind him of Refused with violins, but I don’t quite agree. They definitely have the post-hardcore/screamo thing happening, which is probably why Ron chose Refused as a reference, but they’re way more chill and sing-y, less post-hardcore / screamo. Lots of band did this in the early ’00s but I was never that into this genre so I can’t recall their names, although surely none did it with a violin. In any case, Loom are really good. I can’t find any YouTube vids but you can check ’em out on MySpace.

Our last band, Celestine, remind Ron of Knut. GREAT fucking reference dude… right on point. I’d throw Coalesce into the mix as a more familiar band for readers who might not be familiar with Knut. Heavy, visceral, churning, gut-wrenching… listen:


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