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The first time I ever heard Cradle of Filth, it was 2000 and I’d been sent an advance of Midian. I remember being majoring pumped after first jam “Cthulhu Dawn” but um that was it. I was in Yawnsville starting with the next song and ending … well, let’s just say I had to buy a residence in Yawnsville to accommodate my visits with Cradle of Filth. But that first jam is still in my head all the time, especially when I watch Ricky Gervais’ original version of The Office during which I go all goo-goo for the charming, cuddly, snuggly, lovelorn Dawn Tinsley (above), played by Lucy Davis (Shaun of the Dead). She’s incredible! So you can easily understand why “Cthulhu Dawn” started blaring in my brain the very instant that I read the motherfucking news that Davis is single! From The Daily Mail:

As downtrodden Dawn in The Office, she finally got her happy ending when she found love with colleague Tim. But it appears life has not imitated art for actress Lucy Davis, who has separated from her husband after just four years of marriage. Davis, 38, and Welsh actor Owain Yeoman, 32, wed at St Paul’s Cathedral in December 2006 after a six-month romance.

A statement reads: ‘We have separated but are on good terms and would kindly ask for our privacy to be respected during this time.’ A source said: ‘They have had troubles in their marriage before but this split looks like the end. Owain won’t talk about it and Lucy is devastated. Owain has already moved out of the marital home and he appears to have moved on. He has been seen out and about in Hollywood with other girls.’

Man, this is one of the marriages I’ve been intently waiting out. And since Davis’ (now ex-) fella is a hunky TV actor and son of a nuclear scientist, I’d all but lost hope. But dreams can come true and this is proof. All it takes it a little hope, patience, and a few dollars to hire a guy who’ll plant evidence implicating a seemingly good husband for infidelity, meth addiction, and a lust for prostitute dismemberment. The more you know *whoosh*


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