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scar symmetry - the unseen empireI gotta hand it to Scar Symmetry… goofy two-vocalist attack or not, these Swedes know how to write ridiculously catchy songs that aren’t cliche or predictable in the slightest. Jonas Kjellgren has hooks (both guitar and vocal!) for days and days and days and is never an asshole about it. While I may cringe slightly when I read back one of the first articles I ever wrote for MetalSucks, I stand by my four year-old assertion that this band is as good as it gets for Swedish melodeath, even if the time for that genre has long since faded into the sunset.

Anywho, last month we learned that Scar Symmetry have a new album called The Unseen Empire coming out on April 15th worldwide (April 16th in the U.S. if I were a betting man?), and today we learn via reader Chris Dávila that they’ve released a new song from said album via the increasingly popular Soundcloud platform. Stream it across the Baltic Sea:

SCAR SYMMETRY – Illuminoid Dream Sequence by NuclearBlastRecords

Yeah, the two-vocalist thing is totally goofy when you think about it (and especially when you watch it live), and yeah the pitch-correction on the clean vocals is like nails on a chalkboard, and yeah, what the fuck does “Illuminoid Dream Sequence” even mean?! But man, good songs trump all and fuck if this isn’t a great damn song. Death Jovi for the win, now and forever.


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