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Swedish crushers Bult are without a doubt one of my most anticipated bands to see at this year’s SXSW festival, not because I’ve seen them before and can speak for their live show, but because the tunes available on their MySpace page have been completely mutilating my nuts for weeks now. Resident SXSW Metal Correspondent Corey Mitchell has mentioned Bult in his advance coverage of the festival, but I’m guessing not many Americans are familiar with this band — I wasn’t — so they could use a little extra plug.

Their press pack quotes some un-named jouralist thusly: “hard, angular and crushing music with a peculiar back-and-forth groove with a constant movement forward.” I think that’s right on the mark. “Peculiar,” yes, “groove,” yes, “constant movement forward,” well I’m not sure exactly what that means, but sure, why not? I’d also add: fierce, nasty, chaotic.

Enough describing; just listen. Naturally, let us know what you think. SXSW appearances listed after the jump.

Sunday, March 13th: The Rail Club, Dallas, TX, 7pm (non-SXSW)
Wednesday, March 16th: Headhunters, 11:30pm
Thursday, March 17th: Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza, 6pm
Friday, March 18th: Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza, 9pm
Saturday, March 19th: Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza, 6pm


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