So I’m not a Kittie fan, and I’m especially not a fan of Kittie’s song “My Plague,” because it seems like a pretty blatant rip-off of Lamb of God’s “Laid to Rest,” which itself owes something pretty substantial to Testament’s “Into the Pit.” But whether or not you’re a Kittie fan, if you have functioning eyeballs, you can only ask one question after watching the band’s new video — “Is this real?”

So first of all, the video looks like it was shot on a cell phone. Not a good cell phone, either. Like, my iPhone takes way prettier movies than this. Maybe it was like a Flip cam or something? Those don’t always react so good to low-light situations. In any case, it might have been worth it for whomever was making this video to get his or her hands on a decent camera.

For another thing, there’s a piece of live footage at roughly the sixteen second mark that gets reused around the 1:12 mark. It’s not even subtle — the guitarist (no I do no know what her name is and no I will not look it up) stops playing, looks out at the crowd, and throws her arm up.

That’s when I stopped watching the clip. Because it means that not only does this video look like poo, but that there was so little actual usable footage that barely more than a minute into the video, they had to start recycling what they had. I don’t even understand. It’s not like they were using film and it was costing them money. Just take, like, ten seconds more crappy cell phone footage and you’re all set. Heck, I bet you can find some on YouTube. But no, that would require maybe an entire minute’s worth of extra work, so fuck that, right? TO THE BAR!


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