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RED FANG WAVE THEIR WAND, YELL “ABRACADABRA!”After seeing that Red Fang are streaming a new song, “Dirt Wizard,” over at AP, I Googled the phrase “dirt wizard” to see if it has any special meaning of which I was unaware. But Google assumed I meant “dirty wizard,” which, according to the Urban Dictionary, is actually a sexual act I personally have yet to try:

“When one waves their dick around while saying ‘abracadabra’ and then cums on the girl’s face.”

It can also mean a dude with long, greasy hair. Red Fang probably meant that. That would make more sense for a metal band.

ANYWAY, the song rocks, and you should check it out. It comes off of Red Fang’s new album, Murder the Mountains, which Relapse will release on April 12.

And don’t forget that Red Fang are playing at our absolutey FREE SXSW party, South by Southdeath, from 2-6pm this Friday, March 18th at Headhunters, 720 Red River Street. Kvelertak, Wormrot, and Meek is Murder are also on the bill, and Full Blown Chaos’ Ray Mazzola is MCing. There are probably other SXSW  shows you could go do at this same time, but only if you’re lame. You’re not lame, are you?


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